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October 21, 2016 No Comments

Making some progress

Hey everyone! We are back after a looooooong absense! We have been off busy with our jobs that make us money! However, we are back and been cleaning up the engine and getting ready for a new game that we plan to release on steam. The game is called….Professor Quirk and his great adventure! It […]

February 12, 2016 No Comments

Introducing some code snippets!

Hey everyone! We made some major changes this week and are excited to introduce code snippets into our blog as well as changing some of our classes to template based! To start we decided to change our dropdown system into a template where we can not only take sprites but we can also take text, […]

February 6, 2016 No Comments

Jump and Shoot Animation

Hey everyone! We went ahead and uploaded some of content to YouTube and are glad to say we got some good progress made this week. We went ahead and programmed in the Jump System, Animation and started tweaking parts of the engine more and more taking it into modern c++! Loving the progress and soon […]